Items Reported Stolen
From Italy
Marble sculpture

Relief Panels
Relief Panels 2
Relief Panels 3  

Herms 2

Male Heads
Male Heads 2
Male Heads 3
Male Heads 4
Male Heads 5

Female Heads
Female Heads 2

Statues Female

Statues Male Clothed

Statues Male Nude
Male Nude 2

Cinerary Urns
Cinerary Urns 2
Etruscan Urns

Roman Sarcophagi
Sarcophagi 2

Gold Jewellery


Roman Rings
Roman Rings 2

Other Jewellery  

Carved Gemstones
and seals
Greek Pottery

Plain undecorated vessels
Plain vessels 2

Black glaze vases
Black glaze vases 2
Black glaze vases 3

Corinthian vases
Corinthian: Aryballos
Corinthian: Alabastron

Attic Black Figure Vases
Attic Black Figure Vases 2
Attic BF Amphoras
Attic BF Kylix Cups

White Ground Vases

Red Figure Pottery

Kraters 2
Kraters 3
Kraters 4
Kraters 5


Kylix Cups
Cups 2



Apulian Lekanis

Lebes Gamikos

Apulian Vases

Coroplastic RF Vases

Misc Red Figure Vases

Gold Coins: Greek
Gold Coins: Roman
Gold Coins: Roman
and Byzantine 2

Greek silver coins

Roman coins
Early July 2012: Please note that material from the
Carabinieri Databse is currently being uploaded, and some
is likely to be moved as we continue sorting it ...
so URLs may change.