Items Reported As stolen or
forced purchases during the
Nazi Period: 1933-1945
These are the items with photos, which are claimed to have been
"looted" by the Nazis in Germany from 1933, and throughout Europe to
1945. Some claims were simple thefts, others were of forced sales at
reduced prices: sometimes the reduced prices were the result of nothing
more than the consequences of a worldwide Depression, at other times
they were reduced at the point of a gun. More items can probably be
identified through a combination of descriptions and inventory numbers,
but we have chosen to only list items with photographs available to us.
Museums in Europe have declared a large number of items known to have
been seized by the Einsatzstab Reichsleiter Rosenberg or ERR (see
stamp below), but that remain unclaimed by the heirs of the original
owners. We are posting photos of these in the hope that someone
recognises them.
Far more items are still missing, and are being sought by museums and
the heirs of the original owners. Some of these have photographs to
accompany claims, and these are listed here:

Greek and Roman Bronze figurines, plus some copper artifacts

A cabinet of assorted Greek and Persian ceramics, Roman glass &
Egyptian Alabaster vessels

A variety of Egyptian antiquities including canopic jars, sculptures

Greek, Roman, Egyptian and Syrian glass

Early Corinthian Greek Pottery

Black Figure Greek Pottery

Greek Pottery Cups, mostly Red Figure

Red Figure Greek Pottery including a rhyton by Brygos Painter

Greek white ground pottery, lekythoi

Arretine Ware bowls and fragments

Greek and Roman terracotta figurine and sculptures

Roman, Frankish and later fibulae, buckle

Roman and later pins